You da man.

Jeff H. Rothman - Direct Avionics

Thank you yet again for all of the help. I SOOOOOOO APPRECIATE all you do to keep us in business!


Fishpond Recruiting, Inc.

Thank you for all your wonderful help and installing everything. Your a star...

Dr. Debra Scheenstra

Thanks so much fore your honest, genuine help. It's so reassuring to send a computer, or anything for that matter, to be fixed to someone who is trusted. In these times of shady business deals and high service rates, you're a savior. Much appreciated.

Gabe Hansell - Novato, CA

Bobby you kick @ss.  I am so stoked on this thing.  Everything looks and works great.

Thanks again.


Thanks so much for hooking us up last night.  It was a very smooth transition for us here and we appreciate your hard work!

Harmmonie Dancer - ICU EYEWEAR, Inc

 THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH... I can not tell you how happy I am for your kindness and fast repair. 

Anke Betic - Terra Linda, CA

I just want to thank you for all the help you gave me with my computer. Your expertise really showed. If I ever need any computer needs you will be the first person I will call. I have recommended you to several friends and clients. Thanks again.

Ed Story - Advanced Construction Company

 You rock, Bobby!

Norm Hunter - Summertime Films

 Thanks you so much for working with us, and for doing such an excellent job!

Michale Dancer - President
Still Life Gifts

If you every need a reference, use me...I think you're great! Thanks again for all your help yesterday (and the day before). Now I can get back to work.

Nancy Geer - Geer Appraisals

I just wanted to write and thank you for your help with our DSL. I got logged on this morning no problem!

Dave Wexler - SF

Thank you so much we are having so much fun!  It is beautiful.

Janice Nunez
Patient Coordinator

 I just got a chance to review the site...It looks GREAT!!!!! Wow!  The price is very fair for all of your hard work :)  Rest assured that I am very impressed and I will recommend you to everyone 

Erin -

I am looooving this machine!  Thank you for all the hard work you did for me yesterday, Bobby! 

Anke Betic - San Rafael, CA

Bobby, it was in deed a pleasure. Your skills are only exceeded by your work ethic and unfaltering smile an enthusiasm which never wavered for over five hours.

Phil Hart - The Cardinal Group

You did a great job installing our network and firewall. The installation is very neat and professional and we have had no problems or viruses since! I also want to thank you for re-negotiating our high speed access costs. We did receive an installation credit of $200 plus we will save an additional $83/mo. Thanks for your wonderful help.

Monica Hilton – Montason Technologies, Inc.

You are the GREATEST!!! We all admire you and appreciate all the help you always give us.

Michale - Still Life Gifts

Just wanted you to know that I have been thinking happy thoughts of you, as I just had to find a VERY OLD (1999) file and documents that an old client asked me to dig up….unbelievably, I found it within a few minutes. All due to your ingenious configuring of my backup information…..thank you!! You saved me and my old (and now new again) client a ton of time and anxiety!!!


Julie Mozena - Catalyst Funding Group

Thanks so much for all your help. You’ve got the customer service thing down and it’s such a pleasure to work with you.

Vicki Dotterer - San Marin, CA

You are the BEST. Thanks again!

Myla Ramos
SearchPro Staffing LLC

I can’t believe how we were sitting here with our pants down before we got the Sonicwall. I can tell just by the number of attacks that it has blocked...I have a new confidence in the security of my network!!!

Craig Gaylord - “The Batman”
I.S. Administrator, Traditional Medicinals

Thank you for all the work on the laptop everything is working just fine.

David Durbin - Novato, CA

I'd like to thank you again for eliminating that virus from my computer. Damn thing was driving me crazy.

John Martin - Novato, CA

Thanks Bobby. My computer is up and saved me from a night of fitful sleep. Thanks for your prompt response

Stan Rosen - Kipling Partners, Inc.

Bobby almost always seems available to help me hash out any issue regarding new software or hardware, and can even troubleshoot me through difficult problems without being on-site. What might have taken me a full day's work (and a giant headache) took me an hour or so with his expert guidance.  We appreciate his cutting-edge knowledge and ability to make our IT issues go smooth through rough times.

Bill Nathan - President Catalyst Funding Group, LLC

The Marin Tech Support and Bobby Grabrian were Life Savers for my organization. At the 11th hour they were brought in to install new computers, our Network and oversee the installation of the DSL. Bobby was given a very short time frame and a limited budget to buy software, hardware and install it before our fiscal yearend. He achieved this with excellent results and while the office was still operating. He met and exceeded our requests and needs. He took the time to explain each step along the way to our complete satisfaction and understanding (admittedly we are computer novices). I would highly recommend Marin Tech Support for your computer, software and networking needs.

Mark Joseph - District Manager
Strawberry Recreation District

WOW, Bobby you are GREAT!!! Thanks!!

Jolene Winston - Fairfax, CA

Bobby Grabrian wears several hats for our Chronic Pain Institute web site. As the System Engineer he has played an instrumental part in the organization of the project ranging from the early on planning at the inception of our first server through the nuts and bolts construction right up to even the attendance of some of our professional meetings to gain insight into the actual function of the research aspects of chronic pain in order to add his expertise to our overall project. In a Systems Administrator role he constantly plays the major role in developing our security program to protect the medical integrity of our research functions and as a Webmaster he is redesigning our site to fit into today's more modern needs of a medical research program. All of this as a charitable contribution on his part! Without him we would still be limping around in the dark.

August L. Stemmer, M.D., D.M.D. , F.A.C.S

If you think an expert is expensive just wait until you hire an amateur.

Robert Turbyfill - EMR Administrator

Marin Tech Support has made my dreams of building a web site come true. Bobby patiently taught me how to use my mind-boggling software, provided phenomenal tech support, and is an all-around great guy! Words cannot fully express my gratitude and praise.

Joanne Del Torre - Fashion

I have found working with Bobby to be a pleasure. He's always quick to accommodate any wish I have in the quickest way possible. I have never worked with anyone who is as easy or as friendly. His work ethic, his abilities and knowledge, and mostly his willingness are a rarity. This is an honest appraisal and not colored in any way.

Solomon Faber - Solomon Design


I wanted to say once again thank you for building our server. I so appreciate all you do for us all the time to help our company be a success. I wish you could see me sending you BIG'OL' smile saying thanks for all you do Bobby!


Kathryn Grant

Thank you for your help.  It is always great working with you.

Valerie Erickson

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you’ve done for me, and for your wonderful attitude – you are a breath of fresh air!  I really appreciate your speedy and efficient ways…

Julie Mozena - Catalyst Funding Group

Bobby, this is awesome.. and I love the Flash animation. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Matt Berg -

THANK YOU for making everything so easy: I'm sitting in my hotel room where they offer wireless and making the connection and getting on Yahoo.... BIG GRATEFUL WOW !!!

Yola - Tiburon, CA

Just wanted to thank you for your work on the family computer this week...we are all very happy to have a computer that is functioning properly at last.

Lynne Parode - San Anselmo, CA

Thank you for all your help Bobby!!

Alisa - Dr. Delgado

I want to thank you for what you did for my computer. You are an "amazinguy". It was so frustrating trying to use the computer when it was so S L O W... Now it is just working wonderfully.

Libby - Mill Valley, CA


Patricia Kesten - President/ICU Eyewear, Inc.

You are an angel and a genius...thank you so very much

Sharon Sutter - Larkspur, CA

Thanks. You have really helped us

Justin Faggioli - Tiburon, CA

You are seriously the best of the best Bobby!  Thank you so much!

Rose -


Leigh Markell - Markell Communications

That was an effort of yours beyond the call of duty - and we all really appreciate it. Thanks again for all you have done.

Rick Boyer - Larkspur, CA

Thank you thank you thank you!!! I thought I was going to have to re-enter all those checks!

John Westman - Kentfield, CA

Thank you very much for taking care of this problem on Friday…my weekend would have been hell if hadn’t been fixed!!!  YOU ARE THE MAN!

Jeff Cohn - San Rafael, CA  

Thank you for setting us up with such a great computer system.  You did an excellent job and we really appreciate your expertise in covering all the details.

Floretta & Bill Burrows - Novato, CA

Thanks a million – you’re the best!

Alima Connan - Innovations PSI

God your good!!!! Like magic

Howard Bergmark - SFPD

You da man!

Glenn Williams - Handpiece Express


Scott Updegrave - Sleepy Hallow

Thank you again Bobby for all your help this morning with my mess up! It is certainly wonderful knowing you’re out there to defend us!

Janet - Dr Delgado, Novato

Thanks again for your help today. It is so nice having a computer god in my corner

Aileen Kerr - Kerr Construction, Inc.

I can't thank you enough for all your help on Saturday! You are awesome!

Jenny Emery - Delta Business

Computers are screaming now, Thanx!

Dave Ball - APEX Motorwerks

Thanks Bobby!  You are the best!

Jolene Winston - Fairfax, CA

You're the best - thanks Bobby!!!

Alima Connan - Innovations PSI

You are fantastic!

Liz Nelson - Novato, CA

Thanks Bobby, your the best!

Dan - All Phase Roofing

You are the best, like magic!

Cele Hanzel - Novato, CA

You have done a fantastic job with the website. The new content is great, the look is great, the feel is great, and the functionality is great. Thank you for all your hard work, and talent.

With Thanks and Congratulations,

Timothy Roehl - Carmel Mission Foundation

Bobby, you are a Godsend, I tell you a Godsend...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Raylene - Still Life Gifts

Thank you!  You are the best!

Zee - Shideler Skyvara Construction

May I just say "You da man!!" First time in days that it's up and going as it should.

Leslie Hunter - Kentfield, CA

Thanks very much for working on my computer, reviving it for me (whew!), and being so accommodating about dropping it off and picking it up. I really appreciate your support. You’re awesome! And a mighty fine Geek!

Jana Hefner - Pacific Mortgage Consultants

Thank you 10,000 times.  It's Saturday and I'm sitting here at the computer and it is a wonderful experience.  Michale and I are so grateful for your dedication and how you take good care of us.

Marty - Still Life Gifts, Inc.

You’re the BEST! -- Thank you!

Betsy Ross - 2K Marin

Thanks, Bobby. Your help, as always, is much appreciated.

Jack McGovern - Petaluma, CA

Thanks a million.

Orla - Kavanagh Painting

You rock, Bobby! Thanks for taking care of that!!

Jan Jensen - Jensen Bookkeeping Services

Thanks so much for your help

Marsha Celler - Liusun, USA

You’re wonderful! THANK YOU!

Barbara Weghorn - San Rafael, CA

BTW, I am just blown away at how seamlessly everything you set up for me and advised me to do, is working to run my business from 2 locations. The Exchange server is fantastic, Dropbox is working so seamlessly, I don't even have to have to pay attention to it. Even, the Vonage phone service was just the right call. I cannot thank you enough.

Onju Updegrave, Architect - San Anselmo, CA

I LOVED the new computer – what a completely fabulous upgrade. Fast, sleek, wow! Thanks so much!

Cara Brown - Greenwood Electric


Babs and Zeta - San Rafael, CA

Hi Bobby, the machine is awesome. Love the speed and the new features. Am very happy.

Anke Betic
- San Rafael, CA

Great to have gotten to know you and I will always refer you to anyone needing computer help. Thanks for everything.

Elizabeth Allen - Spa Warrior

Thank you!! You da BEST!!!

Colleen - Dr Delgado, Novato

You're the sage advisor.

Paul Erickson - Erickson Air


Stephan Avanozian - San Rafael, CA

Thank you! You just saved me a bundle of time and aggravation.

Christine Clausen - San Rafael, CA

Thank you sooooooo much for your help….you have brought us up to speed with dental technology. I am appreciative of your help!!

Mary - Dr. Hugo Schmidt, D.D.S.

You’re a God send!!!

Susan Faidi - Sunhill Corporation

I just love how my pc is running, you are such a master at your craft. Thank you very much.

Anke - San Rafael, CA

Everything looks and is working great! Thanks so much for getting me up and running so quickly.

Jack McGovern - Petaluma, CA

Thank you Bobby! You are the greatest!!!

Jolene - Fairfax, CA

Thanks again for your tremendous support today…what a relief!!

Raoul McDuff - San Rafael, CA

Bobby, OMG! You are so awesome.....It is exactly as you described.....Down to the second!

Buffy - San Anselno, CA

Thanks again for the help. The computer is working great.

Scott Sterley - San Rafael, CA

Bobby, You are amazing!!! I knew that you would be able to fix this issue. Thanks for all your excellent work!!!

Emmalie Hawes - Office Manager, Tiburon, CA

I'm a proud NYer, but have to say you put the NY IT guys to shame! Thanks for EVERYTHING.

Catherine - New York

Hey Bobby, just a shout out to say thanks for being on top of this. You are the best tech I’ve worked with.

Frank Schwab - CP Group LLC